I try to create an environment that is supportive and respectful of each child's needs, with the end goals being self-discipline and self-esteem.


My Toddler Program provides opportunities for the children to explore, experiment and improve their self - help skills. Nursery rhymes, songs, picture games and puppet play are a few examples of the activities planned. Their curriculum helps them expand their vocabularies, find appropriate ways to express creativity and discover the world around them.

My two-year-old program encourages language development. The daily schedule includes games, songs, nursery rhymes, music and movement activities, and art projects.

Children engage in age-appropriate activities related to monthly themes. Learning centers for math, imaginary play, music, art, science and much more provide both shared and individual learning opportunities. Children are introduced to writing and reading, giving them a love for literacy base. They will learn how to count to 50 and recognize numbers 1-15 and will learn the names, sounds, and pictures of all the letters of the alphabet.

My Pre-Kindergarten program helps children to study phonics, math concepts and number/letter recognition. very important parts of the program are music movement, arts and crafts, poems, and finger plays.